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Growing up in different cities on Java island, there were so many things I didn’t know about the city where I was born in, Purwokerto. The first thing that fascinated me was the old building at the end of Jalan Bank (Bank street), which is known as Museum Bank BRI.

It’s the very first bank in Indonesia, established in 1895 by Patih Aria Wirjaatmadja. Now it makes sense why they call the road Jalan Bank.

Are You A Foodie?

Jalan Bank is also known with the famous Soto Jalan Bank and Serabi. If you’re an early bird, find Serabi, the Javanese coconut milk pancake, as early as 5.30 AM. My personal favorite is the one closest to the Museum. I don’t recall they have any name, but you’ll find it easily.

What is special about the Soto, the Indonesian chicken/beef soup, in Jalan Bank? One, they have peanut sauce to mix in your soto (be careful, it could be spicy), which is not so common with other kinds of soto. Two, they crush kerupuk (crackers) on the soto. Yumm…

If you want to challenge yourself with how spicy you can eat, my go to place will be Waroeng SS (Spesial Sambal). They list over 30 different kinds of sambal (Indonesian chili dish) on the menu, along with rice and other Javanese dishes to enjoy the sambal.

Photo credits: serabi (allindonesiatravel); soto (ranselkecil)

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