A traveler helping travelers.

Hi fellow travelers!

I’m Eva. A traveler.

These past 14 years, I have traveled to 31 countries. A part of the adventure was spent with friends I met along the way. I also enjoy solo-traveling as a backpacker, doing all the research on my own and getting lost is something familiar too.

A lot of times, I help people with their bookings or travel planning around Asia. I was also a mission trip coordinator for an international organization. That’s when I realized how I enjoy helping people to get the most in their travels.

I am married to David, a diving enthusiast, and we also would like to accommodate you who loves the underwater world!

With this opportunity to be a travel agent, I hope to be able to provide the best service for your travel experience, in your best interest.
Your satisfaction is mine as well!

Cheers, to travel.

Traveling is not just a trip during the holidays. It’s a journey of learning, a wide-open door into life experiences and wisdom. Sometimes it will take unexpected twists and turns, but embrace the moment, it’s something to be grateful for.

Eva Kingsley

Eva’s personal traveling journal: www.travelivalda.wordpress.com

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