How To Get A Cheap Luxurious Accommodation in the USA

“THIS JUST IN: Book Now from $17.27 per person, per night!”

When I read that email title from one of my vendors, my jaw dropped. See the list below and you know it’s not a stay in an AirBnb or a backpacker hotel (which I think non-existence in the US).

Wait, let me show you what’s next:

“The price represents the full price for an entire 7-NIGHT-STAY (including full occupancy and taxes).”

How can this be possible?

DO THE MATH: For example, if the unit is a 3BD/Sleeps 8 and the price is $967, your rate is only $17.27 per-person/per-night ($967 divided by 8 people, divided by 7 nights) at full occupancy!

Yes, I did compare the prices to different online booking engines. You can too if you like, and please let me know if you found better rates! (Honestly I will tell my vendor that someone has beaten their prices)

Well, as a traveler, I don’t want you to miss this opportunity! Contact Java Travel USA to book up to 12 months ahead.

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